The 7th APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Forum was hosted by APEC and China's Ministry of Commerce, and jointly sponsored by the China International Electronic Commerce Center, the APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance and the Municipal Government of Xi'an. The Xi'an E-Commerce Conference and Expo were also held during the same time.

Under the theme of “Inclusive Trade in the Era of Digital Economy”, the Forum ?played a positive role in communication and cooperation among APEC members in development of e-commerce and digital economy. The forum has attracted more than 30 experts and academicians from 16 countries including United States, Russia, Canada, Chile, Peru, Japan, Korea and China etc. Participants also include over 300 officials and entrepreneurs, such as experts from APEC-ECBA, representatives from APEC members and leading e-commerce firms. The discussions centered around replicating the success of e-commerce models, accelerating economic integration in Asia-Pacific region, and promoting multilateralism and open economies.

Participants at the Forum also shared their views on how to develop e-commerce in rural areas and communities, and how to establish common platforms to accelerate the upgrade of traditional industries and promote international coordination. They exchanged ideas from various perspectives, ranging from cooperation models in e-commerce, to talent cultivation and the setup of laws and regulations. Constructive suggestions were made, and experiences were shared in the application and development of e-commerce.

#Download# Presentations from the Forum:

1 - Opening ceremony

2 - Session one: Collaborative Governance in the Era of Digital Economy

3 - Session two: Innovative Models of Social Development in the Era of Digital Economy

4 - Session three: Paths for Cross-Border E-Commerce in the Era of Digital Economy