APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance Secretariat

The rise of e-commerce has accelerated the pace of economic & trade globalization. It influences significantly not only the economic growth mode, but also the international trade regime and economic structures. APEC has long been committed to the promotion of e-commerce through various methods within the Asia-Pacific region.

The establishment of APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “Alliance”) was proposed by China at APEC Paperless Trading High Level Symposium in 2001, and subsequently ratified at the 13th APEC Ministerial Meeting in October the same year. “Noting the different roles of private and public sectors in promoting the development of e-commerce as well as the needs to strengthening the linkage between them in this field, Ministers endorsed the proposal of the establishment of the APEC E-Commerce Business Alliance. Ministers also welcomed the proposal to strengthen economic and technical cooperation in the area of e-commerce with a view to narrowing the gap between member economies in the application of e-commerce.” (Joint Ministerial Statement Article 46)

The tenets of the Alliance are to provide services to entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific region, promote exchanges and cooperation in the area of e-commerce among enterprises from APEC member economies, urge governments to optimize the development environment for e-commerce and accelerate the overall developmental process of e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific region.

Representing the initiating member economy, China International Electronic Commerce Center (CIECC) is acting as the first Chairman of the Alliance. Enterprises from 21 APEC member economies are all eligible to join the Alliance upon application, and will obtain relevant rights and obligations. Currently, member economies such as China, the United States, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Chinese Taipei and Australia etc. have already designated their liaison offices to carry out routine operation.

The Secretariat, located in Beijing, is the standing executive body of the Alliance. The Secretariat is in charge of the planning and implementation of promotional activities related to e-commerce and paperless trading among Alliance members. It serves as an effective bridge to facilitate communications between government and business community, building a platform of cooperation and joint progress for all enterprises.